Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKS Key Support Levels! What’s Next?

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25 replies to Bitcoin ($BTC) BREAKS Key Support Levels! What’s Next?

  1. Dude you really seem to have your crap together. I feel like no matter what happens you re gonna do well.

  2. dude looks like the human version of those nintendo wii characters

  3. Warren Buffett also eats at Mcdonalds everyday, and recently is collaborating on health reformation with amazon. Yeah!? Not a fan.

  4. This is a full on collapse like I've been saying but yall don't listen. Btc to 4k by end of month and by June it's worthless less than 1k! And you can book that mofos!!!

  5. US will recover Bitcoin…the moment east coast got up it spiked…funny…isn't that the trend.

  6. This isn't a correction. It is a crash.

  7. Apple actually has a product that works you're trying to spruik a failing currency any company or bank can start there own Cryptocurrency with government approval!

  8. Currently, the resistance lines for total market cap are held at 330b and 300b, if those are broken due to further negativity, do expect a freefall to the next resistance level at 200b.

  9. when they launch the nukes only the roach bugs will survive. Lesson be a roach bug.

  10. For all the people that are in a panic, Please read it carefully! 🙂

    Crashes in Bitcoin history

    📉 – 94% June-November 2011 from $32 to $2 because of MtGox hack

    📉 -36% June 2012 from $7 to 4 Linod hack

    📉 -79% April 2013 from 266 to 54. MTGox stopped trading

    📉 -49% Feb 2014 MTGox is gone

    📉 -40% September 2017 from $5000 to $2972 China ban

    📉 -48% January 2018 Korea FUD. from $19700 to 9500

    Bitcoin died thousands of times just to keep on living. HODL SHARE with your friend

    Like this info? Send some BTC:) Keeps me going!

  11. Cryptos still over-priced evidenced by the fact that everyone is screaming "HODL" "BUY" "Fire Sale" "Clearance" "FUD"

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