BitMEX CEO: “Bitcoin Could Bottom At $2,000”, Weiss: “Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, EOS To Pump”

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In this video we talk about Bitcoin bottoming at $2,000, and bullish predictions about Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, and EOS.

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16 replies to BitMEX CEO: “Bitcoin Could Bottom At $2,000”, Weiss: “Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, EOS To Pump”

  1. Very nice video, quite educative. P.S T.I has some really nice music. Listen to "whatever you like " and "Big things poppin" for a taste 😆👌

  2. Learn more about EOS before making statements

  3. Always good to see a young man taking the bull by the horns and educating his readers however anyone can accumulate knowledge and spit it out to the public. Spend an hour with me and I will have the same info as you BUT without objectivity and guidance we both have the same speculative knowledge. Dig deeper and provide your objective techno knowledge ( even if you dare call it opinion or investment advice) and sift out and make clear your foundation of belief ( even if it sounds like investment advise) OR ELSe you are just like every other crypto channel out there. You have that chance now, separate yourself.

  4. Bitmain owns almost 51% of btc hash rate so like you said about XRP, do that make btc centralized?
    It seem the only weak argument that people have against XRP is the number of people that hold the majority of coins.

  5. Bitmex ceo is a criminal. Why would you care about his opinion.

  6. Hey nice video mate, you should make one about EOS Dapps, especially EOSPlay (my favorite) Good luck!

  7. Wow. Most Crypto vids, I speed through them. This one was packed with useful info. Thanks bro.

  8. Have you checked out PMA Puma Pay just launched 8/18/18 must be strong. 7 for a penny with the 1st mover advantage, it's supposed to be the paypal of crypto. I'm taking the chance for a wild ride I know most probably warn against this. It's on 6 exchanges already. I say No Guts no Glory.

  9. Well don’t forget Bitmex does make it’s money from futures, so he stands to gain by providing conflicting price predictions. This prediction is as valid as Draper’s who keeps putting predictions of 250k out there…

  10. Bitcoin to zero soon this is why:
    Not upgrading the Bitcoin will make serious problems.
    1. Btc transaction cost to high
    2 Btc transaction speed to slow
    3. Btc Fluctuation in price
    4. USD and other fiat must die first.
    5 Btc massadaption is a fail shop dont accept Btc or very few do.
    6. Blockchain dont need a crypto coins this is to all retarded moonboys saying Btc is a fantastic technology haha.
    7. Retardet moonboys talk about Bitcoin on youtube .
    8. After a big bubble projects die if not deliver real use case Btc is not fixing it self

  11. Bitmex CEO really changes his prediction. Just shows how clueless these experts really is. Just few months ago he stood with his $50k Bitcoin prediction. I called BS on that (even said he were gonna change that prediction) and im calling BS on this $2k prediction. He earns more money on movement in market, so he is always gonna predict very bearish or very bullish. We can see a 5k Bitcoin, but not much lower than that.

  12. I definitely don't agree with you for Cardano and EOS. Cardano is a serious project, it's peer reviewed. While (the company behind EOS) is unable to deliver a system without bugs while they received 4 billion dollars at their ICO, Cardano is creating a truly decentralized system which will, in my opinion, destroy Ethereum thanks to Ouroboros, their POS algorithm.. A recent study, commissioned by ConsenSys, has even shown that EOS isn't a blockchain, but a "glorified cloud computing service". Comparing Cardano to Stellar is ridiculous, but comparing Cardano to XRP is a shame.

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