Comic Book Reviews & Recommendations: Epic Of Gilgamesh, Origin of Magnus, True Believers… [ASMR]


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11 replies to Comic Book Reviews & Recommendations: Epic Of Gilgamesh, Origin of Magnus, True Believers… [ASMR]

  1. "Sometimes it's fun to read bad comics to realize what 'good' is. If you don't have bad, you wouldn't know what good is." (02:15) Chycho, my friend, that's an admirable way to look at things 🙂 I've come to appreciate the wonders of creativity and the work it takes to create. Of course not everything is for everyone and I still have certain likes and dislikes…"They get into fistfights for the silliest reasons" (59:05) I'll love superhero comics to the death but I'm not sure if they have changed that much in this regard in the intervening decades 🙂

  2. Hi Chycho ! Thanks for the recomendations 🙂 love the drug guide in the background ahahahah :D.

  3. Looking good Chycho. Always nice to see a new video pop up!

  4. As an English major currently taking a creative writing class….I gotta say The Epic of Gilgamesh REALLY fascinated me when you brought it up! I didn't know about it but I'm glad I do now! Thanks!

  5. Another epic video👌🏾Hey chycho random is alright with me if it’s alright with you brother keep’em comin👍🏾

  6. Wait! What?! You’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo area? So am I, man!

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