Crypto Explodes 🚀 $XLM Airdrop | $IOTA + CarVertical | Cali $BTC Friendly | Apple Bans Crypto…

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24 replies to Crypto Explodes 🚀 $XLM Airdrop | $IOTA + CarVertical | Cali $BTC Friendly | Apple Bans Crypto…

  1. How is xlm a good coin it has no maximum Supply which means like Fiat it can be printed whenever they want .. and sold to buy other cryptos … its use case is as a weapon ..please explain to me how you can give it your stamp of approval .. and Gavin didn't win by a landslide he won by illegal votes get your facts straight

  2. I need a hand my man RANDALL , I need a hand , do i have to attcah my bank account or can i just do the rest of the personal info in order to get the XLM airdrop and when is it , do we know exactly , i hold a small amount of xrp and as I have said before i spent so much crypto back in the day its painful but i could use your help with this info , i almost bought ELA on kucoin but said it was possible delisting it , so i didnt with half a btc i went with GVT instread and GVT is up loike 8% and ELA went up like 40 , but i agree what happens if they are true BS it will crush or fly , i am waiting for GVT to regain its very recent prices in the 15 to 20$ range

  3. I want someone to donate me to my account


  4. Always keeping up with your advace !! Graet Vids !!

  5. What are your thoughts on Odyssey OCN and Genesis Vision GVT? Looks like a good opportunity.

  6. I get estimating when the market will go up or down and how based on solid TA or fundamentals that might be more of an estimate than a guesstimate, but then saying it will subsequently go back down at a certain date seems like guessing to me.

  7. I will keep commenting till I get a T shirt ✌🏼

  8. Sonic Hurricane Boom Shakalaka! ⬅ (Hodling for at least 2 sec), ➡, ⬅, ➡, + HP

  9. Chainlink and Swift all the way Baby! GO LINK, GO DGB, GO XLM! Cheers!

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