Customs & Border Patrol battery seizure Q&A livestream w/ Leonard French

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47 replies to Customs & Border Patrol battery seizure Q&A livestream w/ Leonard French

  1. 40 dislikes within 10 minutes of publishing. I will do my best to not be half asleep for the next one. Thanks to Leonard for putting up with me. I wanted to answer some questions, but should wait until I have had a day off… and sleep…. to be able to do it properly. Promise, next time. My apologies.

  2. apple kind of runs their business like a scammer would

  3. There is so much here and even our own courts seem to contradict themselves. Compare and contrast the Omega v Costco case with the Wiley v. Kirtsaeng case and explain to me how these two cases can coexist. I would like to see the US create a national precedent of first-sale doctrine applying to all goods manufactured and sold legally in any jurisdiction. Kirtsaeng suggests this after Omega, but Omega is still law. I believe the WTO's position supports my own. Rossmann, have you created a single place to follow your case? If so, where can I find that? Good luck, keep up the good work.

  4. It's not a Chevy anymore when not one person thinks its a Chevy anymore.

  5. Leonard French having an issue with his lock button? Sounds like he's pressing it wrong. XD

  6. An interesting solution; a battery manufacturer could make an alternative build-it-yourself battery using thin strips of ribbon cable you clip together before sealing the chassis. Then it's not exactly an Apple battery, but it can be made up-to-snuff and function identically.

  7. Can someone please give me a TL;DR of the battery fiasco so I don't have to watch a million hour long video ^-^

  8. Man, your cat doesn't move much.

  9. Louis, you should use the Mac startup chime as your donation alert, would be pretty fitting for your channel. Unless Apple would sue you for that.

  10. Thats crazy. Refurbished car parts still have the original logos on them. Metal castings that say Ford on them are impossible to remove yet remanufactured brake calipers are sold all over.

  11. You can put a Mercedes star on a TATA and you will not get siued ! As long as you tell that it's a Tata with a built in Mercedes star, you can sell it that exact way.

  12. 3000w motor, Leonard? Holy crap. Assuming you get that thing running smooth, what kind of speed can that ride at? The strongest professional sprinters in the world PEAK lower than that. To get my fat ass on my road bike up to 20mph I have to maintain (got a power meter in my crankset to measure my power) about 210-230 watts. On a flat ride area with little to no wind and decently smooth roads I can get up to about 35mph and that requires me getting to around 1200w spike and maintaining about 1000w for 20-30 seconds (and then collapsing when my heart rate hits about 190bpm and I want to puke). I always hear wind resistance becomes huge at speeds like that so maybe triple the power means an extra 5-15mph. So we are talking 50-60mph on a bike (well trike). I'm not sure if that sounds like fun or scary as hell. Fastest I've ever gotten was 48mph coming down a 4 mile long steep descent in Flagstaff, AZ. And I definitely felt a few times "You know… I don't think I should be doing this wearing lycra and just a road bike helmet".

  13. 9:50 – "APB out for Louis" That is an all-points bulleting and it practically means Louis would be a person of interest for the law enforcement. Being a "person of interest" for police means that you are one step above being a criminal and getting arrested. Homeland security has a history for seizing people's stuff for no reason and it is possible that they are itching to mess people in any way they can get away with.

  14. We're hopefull for ya Louis…

    There was a time when Federal Law required all manufactures of all goods to produce and supply replacement parts for not less than seven years…

    I'm PRETTY SURE we will be dredging that law up from the Swamp since Apple, among other American Companies, have elected to become Communist enterprise's…

    We simply need to awaken Congress to this Communist tactic that is bleeding America dry economically… This will require We The People to stand and deliver this message to Congress repeatedly… Waiting for others to act never has been nor will it ever be a viable strategy…

    Spread This Message World Wide Immediately…

  15. Louis does sound like Jerry Seinfeld around 58:00, while talking about Seinfeld.

  16. The thing is, Louis and co would have another work and post different video material if Apple was not a screw-up.

  17. All american BULLSHIT … yet hose disgusting and cheeky ppl in USA they were /are when getting stuff from china and renaming relabeling to their logos and stupid ordinary americans thinks it is made in usa .. that is fine right ? because china doesn't care
    It is like usa not adult ingrown rascal childs .. they saying ''wee caan but u caan't .. fkin HATE ppl like dat !

  18. 1,2,3 all together FAAAA C APPLE

  19. I bought a brand new iPhone 6 battery that had an apple logo on it. When it came, the logo and trademarks were covered with black tape. This makes me think there is a possibility that the battery is counterfeit. Don't know for sure. How can I know for sure its OEM?

  20. no doubt they will probably try claim the connector is proprietary so they hold a monopoly on batteries for consumers products

  21. Hey dude that black cat is creeping me the fuck out, is that a holloween stunt?

  22. you are personally heading down a financial black hole with this.

  23. Louis, I've ordered items from China that customs would likely confiscate for being counterfeit in the past. The way I've gotten around it was a tip I got from a friend. Customs will check most everything for counterfeit items that comes from China. But, it you use a re-shipping service from a country that isn't marked as a likely source of counterfeits, like the UK, you can avoid the customs search. I had my items shipped to a re-shipping service in the UK, who then rewrapped the product and sent it on to me using a non-Chinese shipping service and it arrived on my door step without issue. These services are not very expensive either.

  24. Appreciate Lous's clearing up his position.
    I see Fanboys having a flipside in Haters.
    I see the products as imperfect tools that work as well as most, and mine have consistently worked better.
    I wish there were better discussions of the engineering behind the things that are criticized, not just invective.

  25. Start putting Samsung logos on all the parts. 😛

  26. You could just uplod an mp3 to your website. Because this issHIT!

  27. I still think you should get in touch with a good drug dealer to see if you cant arrange alternate shipping methods that bypass customs all together. Ship those batteries on cocaine submarines XD

  28. If you win the case can you in turn come after apple for punitive damages to cover legal fees plus pain and suffering XD. Than use the money left over to buy that space right across the street from the apple store XDDD

  29. So .. if you are not allowed to buy parts for an Apple machine, and Apple is refusing
    to service you, then Apple is forcing the customer to buy a new machine.
    If customs is supposed to lawfully, seize these parts, it would be criminal.
    This will allow every producer, to discontinue their products, knowing that
    the customer has to buy a new product.
    Any company is about making money.
    They will discontinue service for a product, within the year.
    They can also build machines that break down quickly.
    They can, however, also sell parts for insane prices.
    Kinda like, what Apple is actually doing.
    It is these practices that the customer has the right, to be protected from.

  30. Apple buyers are the NPCs of electronics.

  31. wait what hat was he wearing?

  32. Dorman Products have been making aftermarket, exact replacement, drop-in parts for automobiles for decades. What's the difference between that and a battery/screen/keyboard/whatever part for a laptop as long as it does NOT bear the trademark Apple logo? You can also buy OEM parts for automobiles that have been refurbished.

    If we use Apple's logic, I can not replace my 2016 Ford door handle with a Dorman door handle nor could I rebuild my 1970 small block Chevy and put TRW pistons in it or an Edelbrock camshaft. Sounds to me like they need to be knocked off their perch.

  33. I think a big part of the problem underlying this is people like lobbyists and lawyers may try to get away with making arguments that make people's eyes glaze over – "oh it's tech you don't get it, it's different", especially given the ages of lawmakers and judges. They're actually trying to make people turn off their common sense and general knowledge.

  34. That's not your legal team referencing whip-its, is it?

  35. Great video Louis, regardless of whether Apple has any hand in the situation you now find yourself in I'm sure that the possibility of legal proceedings against Customs and the likelihood of Apples dubious practices becoming common knowledge will not be sitting easy with them, if you take the worldwide Apple community as a whole a very, very small percentage actually are aware of those aforementioned practices, this cannot be good for future sales or for their image in general, here in Ireland a Macbook 12" costs on average €1,500 approx, who in their right mind would go out and buy one knowing the complications the may face in the future (apart from Apple users) I wish you all the best with the case and hopefully the powers that be will come to their senses before the get a good ass kicking from 'The Rossman'

  36. I wanna see you at the white house. would be kinda like kanye west in lighter skin colour

  37. Yes, Apple, trademark the stuff known for dropping dead with the snap of a finger. Think different.

  38. I thought that you needed to provide service/repairs to a product to retain a monopoly on repairs in the US? Wouldn't refusal of repair to "vintage" products while strong-arming the 3'd party repair business for those same products be illegal?

    Edit: I think mclaren can get away with some of their behavior by actually providing repairs and service to all their cars basically, but in countries like sweden mclaren don't have any say in what I decide to with my car, they can't prevent me from importing and installing knockoff parts as long as they're marketed as such (because otherwise thet'd be a trademark issue).

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