Dwyer 11-7-18 Doing Homework for Wilder v. Fury (Fury KD’ed By Cunningham)


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36 replies to Dwyer 11-7-18 Doing Homework for Wilder v. Fury (Fury KD’ed By Cunningham)

  1. From the moment this fight was announced, the Fury lay-off was the only thing that made the fight potentially difficult to predict. If he’s even 80% of the guy who beat Klitschko, Wilder doesn’t have a shot. If he’s half the man he used to be, Wilder knocks him out.

  2. Ok here's my observation on 2 things I believe you pointed out incorrectly. First, you stated that Wilder cannot fight on the inside (in so many words) and you used two examples the first being the Spzilka KO (hope I spelled it correctly, lol):

    That KO did happen in close quarters as Spzilka slipped inside Wilder's guard with some nice bob and weave and footwork but got caught cold on the chin, the punch wasn't thrown from a long distance, go look at it again, it was in close proximity/close quarters.

    The 2nd example you used was the Stiverne 2 KO and again, the initial blow that sent him backwards was thrown at distance but that really landed on the gloves and due to WIlder's immense power it still shocked Stiverne enough to send him reeling and running backwards to avoid what he thought would be another immediate right hand in the same spot.

    However, Wilder didn't throw another shot from long distance, he closed the distance and get in close quarters and delivered the finishing blows that sunk Stiverne to the canvas. So the two examples you used to say that WIlder always throws his biggest KO shots from outside are not great examples because the real finishing blows came in close quarters and finished both Spzilka and Stiverne.

    I haven't seen that Fury has enough pop in his punches to keep a guy like Wilder off of him and NO he will not be able to avoid being hit with a big right hand for 12 rounds. The question is, what happens to Fury when he does get hit? My guess is that if he went down from Cunningham's short right hand that isn't powerful and SS is not known as a big puncher, plus he is definitely not a HW but a CW so when WIlder's Lightning Rod strikes then it will be good night Irene.

    I do see a trip to the Hospital for Fury as he will be in very bad shape when he gets caught, he better pray that he doesn't get KO'd standing up and out on his feet because WIlder is a Killer and will land multiple blows until you are completely on the deck as he's shown vs all of his fighters especially vs Stiverne. WIlder by vicious Life threatening KO somewhere around the 9th round if he doesn't catch him earlier.

  3. Dude the word you was looking for was Overhand Right lol

  4. Dustin Nichols dropped Wilder lmao

  5. Lol here come the comments of Fury has no chance,he's gonna get KO'd.he's a Cokehead,I cant wait for the fight

  6. Wilder has been practicing a kind of sneaky, choppy, overhand right to come up and over the leaned back shoulder roll of Fury. I think that may be the punch that begins the ending. As for the straight right, I've seen him throwing it more center mass around sternum level. I do believe he's making some adjustments which means he's aware of at least some of the things you've pointed out. It should be a great fight.

  7. For me Fury has to fight on the inside to beat wilder at range to much of a risk

  8. Fury last fight his legs were shot. He couldn't move his feet. Not only that his power was completely gone. He couldn't bust a grape vs that pizza guy. No legs no power hes getting koed.

  9. Very observant point on the fight stance and the angles of punches Dwyer. Wilder is not a 'get low' type fighter. He does use his height and fights upright. When he fought Gerald Washington he didn't decide to bend at the waist and try something new, but rather stuck to his usual upright style even though it wasn't working for him, then he was completely relying on his one punch which did pay off in that instance. However, Fury is a different kettle of fish and will not just stand there in front of Wilder like Washington did. In my opinion, the fight will be fought from the outside as I believe Fury is superior in this manner, as well as Wilder being ineffective in the inside. Fury will most probably dominate the long range and Wilder may remain gun shy as Klitschko did. The big 'but' is the question whether Fury will be fit and sharp again for it.

  10. it's easy to forget that Fury is actually quite a young man and he's spent a lot of earlier career being avoided. He has developed a lot since that Cunningham fight. He's a much better defensive boxer now than he was then. Compare the two fights he had against Chisora. He made more of a mess of Chisora in their second fight that Vitali Klitschko did against Chisora.

  11. Chicken legs can't half generate some power for a skinny guy. This fight is easier to bet than Bellew vs Haye. Fury is totally finished. Plus he will have to be clean. He was out on his feet at English level, now he will be even worse. He wont go past 8 rounds. Unlikely he goes past 6. Likely he gets stopped inside 4.

  12. Also, you forgot to mention, that Fury improved his defence big time since.

  13. What happened to Joe FraserAgainst arguably the biggest puncher George Foreman do I need to go on

  14. Klitschko is not as athletic as well go so people need to stop comparing Klitschko his history does not manifest in athletic ability we need to let go of the past and realize the future heavy weight has evolved until you See That factYou will be going round and round in the circle

  15. Wilder has the most elusive overhead right I don’t see Fiori touching up the 12 rounds do you? so what Cunningham can do I believe wilder can do 10 times better And remember every single fight Wilder has had he has improved I can’t say the same for Fury my humble opinion

  16. Wilder was KD'ed by Harold Sconiers.

  17. DW need NOT neglect the body. Also he cant wait for the right hand to land as TF will not stand still and will fight southpaw. DWYER…if fury trys to exchange with DW he is going to sleep. He shortened that right hand to drop ol boy..be aware

  18. Wilder is gonna KNOCK HIS ASS SMOOTH OUT. If he rushes Fury and lands one punch and pounce on him the fight can be over quick. He shouldn't box Fury he should rush him and connect and its OV!!

  19. a little more flush?!!!….that was about as flush a shot as could be

  20. fury was playing with cunningham (arms down by side and moving backwards) when he got tagged with a full on shot…he won't be playing with wilder just like he wasn't playing with wlad. Wilder was dropped hard with headgear and puffy gloves too, chins don't evolve

  21. That picture of the side I presume is your parents back home in Jamaica ? One love Richard

  22. Have to disagree on the range of Wilder's right hand. In the Szpilka example you mentioned, Wilder countered him with a slightly looping right hand on the way in at mid range while positioning himself in a corner. Another example you didn't actually mention is how he countered Ortiz's triple jab off the ropes (the punch that basically ended the fight for Ortiz) which was at close range. He prefers long range, but there have been times when he's landed it at different ranges. You also always mysteriously leave out Wilder's really decent jab which is snappy and good at gauging distance, occupying/displacing opponents' guard, and setting up his right hand. Wilder isn't actually easy to hit regardless of how uncoordinated and goofy he looks. He does much more than you ever give him credit for. He's much more than just a powerful right hand for Fury to worry about.

  23. The points made are good ones, but I think that you ahve to take into consideration that Wilder will take a LOT more chances than Wlad whose not as predictable as Klitschko. It'll be interesting to see how Fury reacts once he gets hit..and I'm sure he will. Also, WIlder's ring coverage is pretty crazy. I like Fury, but too many open questions for me going into this fight about his physical condition after 2 1/2 years booze and cocaine. It's a toss up to me because of this

  24. The Cunningham fight was the last time Fury fought with that old style of his. Before that fight he didn't understand how to use his size properly and was very often on the ropes and would get hit a lot, and buzzed in many of his fights.

    It was also the most erratic he had ever been during the build up. I suspect that's because his trainer and uncle was banned from entering the country.

    After that fight Tyson clearly got a telling from his uncle! It was post Cunningham that he knuckled down and had to start training hard and working on his long game.

    If I remember correctly the performance after Cunningham was against Johnson . That fight vs Johnson was the first time Tyson looked like a long range fighter. The difference between the two fights was remarkable and it was during that Johnson performance he looked like a world champ in waiting.

    I think this fight will be competitive. Its hard to make a pick because we don't know if Furys body is there and can really hold out. Either way it will be interesting!

  25. Have to disagree with Tyson being vulnerable to the looping shot. He improved so much since Cunningham and dealt with Chisora (whose favourite punch is the looping overhand right from a crouched position) like he was playing with a rag doll.

  26. Very shrewd analysis analysing exactly what was so particular about Cunningham's knockdown punch.

  27. Fury is a different fighter since the Cunningham fight, takes less risks, moves away from the shots, look how he dismantled Chisora in their second fight, and now Chisora is being considered a title contender (he loses to Whyte by the way in their rematch)

  28. Wilder can't play chess but have nice timing and natural reflexes eventually he's gonna catch fury and jump on him like he stole something

  29. Wilder way bigger.. Way to aggressive ..Hit so much harder than Cunningham to be walked down and fury get that close for phone booth boxing

  30. Dwyer I can tell you’re looking forward to the fight. You should consider going. See the heavyweight championship of the world. I’ll buy you a drink.

  31. I think Fury can win every round up to that point in the fight when Wilder lands clean and ends it Gerald Washington style. Fury will need all his skills and perhaps some luck too, to avoid that predictable outcome.

  32. I don't think Fury took Cunningham's power seriously and got caught cold, if you look at how that fight panned out Fury switched tactics and smothered Cunningham on the inside before knocking him out. I don't think Fury will take those chances with Wilder.

  33. Sorry did u even watch fury vs Panetta? Fury was on steroids and hes off em. Fury looked like a fat slow mess in his last fughtm. Eady knockout

  34. Good vid Dwyer, but what about the mid range hookers? We need more mid range hookers.

  35. The reality is Tyson Fury is awkward & hard to hit. He also switch (another thing Deontay has to deal with beside Fury's jab). Wilder has a "punchers-chance". AND I BELIEVE IN HIS PUNCHERS CHANCE : WILDER by KO !!!

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