Litecoin, Bittrex, Litepay. Litecoin Bouncing Higher Than All Top Coins

Love Litecoin. Such a great community around it and more news than any other huge coin this year.
My personal top exchanges to use are: Binance, Bittrex and GDAX (For bank transfers)

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Disclaimer: The information I discuss in the videos on this channel are only the views of myself and are not to be taken as financial advice. The purpose of these videos are to promote discussion and interest in the crypto-space.

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  1. This is great, hope ur having a fantastic day as always <3

  2. It's interesting that most of the articles currently out there about Litepay still say it's associated with Visa. It's really interesting how little research journalists actually do. I don't mind the articles, though, because they have really helped boost awareness of LTC.

  3. Hope you're right. Fast, cost effective & practical. Makes sense in the long run

  4. Hello Tyler and everybody here, i have a couple of questions….This Crypto space on Blockchain Tech. Wasn't supposed to be descentralized???Why on Earth all The Govs and especially Bankers and The Central Banks are poking their noses in our business, our breakthrough, our financial freedom, Don't you see???everywhere around the world they are starting to regulate the crap out of us, and they are spreading FUD by Media controlled by the Bankers on us, they are manipulating the Markets slowly by ,,Taiming Bitcoin" quote by CBOE, with Wall Street and all the financial boards. Wake up all of you this is the final battle between us and Them if we lose this we are doomed slaves another 2000 years until another brakethrough comes in sight.Who are they to tame us in a descentalized space?Why are we so dumb to listen and like sheeps comply to their rules, especially now when we found a way to be financially free? Don' take the Fear and Fud and feed them!POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

  5. So bro did you buy some dent on the dip? 😉

  6. Hey Tyler, what Countries will Litepay Card be available in March? Australia?

    Can’t find any info on their site. Thanks.

  7. Hey Tyler, I live in Zimbabwe and Im sure you know our country has gone through some serious economic slumps in the past ten years. Your channel and your energy/vision of LTC gives me a lot of hope. Litecoin could have serious utility, not only in the first world, but in countries like Zimbabwe, where the local currency is deemed useless. Love your channel and shout out from Mama Africa!

  8. Bitrex is not a good exchange they are malicious! Be careful with tether 😬

  9. Word is getting around. Litecoin works beautifully.  Hats off to the coders and our fearless leader Charlie Lee!  Can't wait for my Litepay card.  I'd be an idiot to spend LTC as it heads for the moon, but I'm going to do it, make some Litepay transactions just to build the network.

  10. I’ve been paid in part for a deadpool pixel quilt with 1 ltc.
    🙂 so, some people are spending them.
    And I’m kind of tickled pink by the idea that what’s currently a quilt selling for approximately 500… I mean
    If litecoin goes way up
    Gooooo litecoin payments in the middle of the dip 😉
    Yessssss. 🙂

  11. nice video man… i hodl 5 LTC right now, and im gonna sell it next year for my wedding, hahaha… i know it's not big money for american, but i live in bali,third world country… even 10k dollar is mega money for me… i love your video mann

  12. First time I have seen LTC move independant vs BTC. I managed to pick up a few more on that dip but honestly not enough as my hands are tied with the down market. Though my largest percent is LTC.

  13. Hey Tyler.. Great Video..Look forward to your videos each day..Hope we get a nice run with Litecoin

  14. I thought we were going to take this weekend off, with this news is impossible 😂😂😂😂 great video bro

  15. I've tried to help people by promoting LTC since $30 but they are more interested in clicking on their favorite TV programs and surfing social media. Thanks for your work!

  16. Question for anyone in the know.
    What software is being used to track daily movements of cryptos?
    Is it the same as for currency or stock market or a particular software.
    Also, any books you can recommend?

  17. I have 42k I want to throw at the market. What should I get ? Please help. I had 49 LTC that I got when it was at 100 and sold it recently. I want to get back into it. I want to diversify. How should I play this

  18. The dow plunged 666 points on 2/2/2018 ranking as the 606 worst day on record. See what I see? Shits getting really real.

  19. On coinbase there's a 40k coin buy wall built up at $158. 🙂

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