Watch this video! 133k Bitcoins have been bought over the past 4 weeks! The mainstream media does not report this. But we have proof!

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New whales are here: Somebody bought 133k bitcoins in the last 4 weeks

New whales are here: Somebody bought 133k bitcoins in the last 4 weeks

Bitcoin Rich List

Mainstream Media FUD Tweet

Institutional Investors Are Secretly Buying Bitcoin Via OTC Trading Platforms

Institutional Investors Are Secretly Buying Bitcoin Via OTC Trading Platforms

Barry Silbert on What Wall Street Says Privately About Crypto Vs. What It Says Publicly – Ep.87

***Not financial advice! Just opinion! Just entertainment! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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  1. Well…that video just made me subscribe & hit the bell

  2. Has anyone traced to see where these big buyers are getting their bitcoins from? I'm not familiar with it but I clicked through the 38,888 BTC transaction from the account starting with 34xp and it's from Binance. Also, I'd like to point out that Chinese people LOVE the number 8. They put as many eights as possible for good luck. I see transactions of 38888 BTC and 8888 BTC which leads me to believe this 34xp account has Chinese origins and is not Wall Street.

  3. Everyone is equal before the blockchain. When SN's addresses starts moving, then we shall know it's the ultimate game on.

  4. Stop promoting Bitcoin SCAM! BITCOIN IS NOTHING MORE THAN A WORTHLESS PYRAMID SCAM!!! Do not compare it with gold because it is useless! Bitcoin also has $0 intrinsic value. It's been pumped and will be dumped hard soon. DO NOT BUY! It will be $0 soon. There are unlimited bitcoins!

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  6. that amount of money is nothing in financial markets, forex trade that amount in less than a second in one ´pair, its not so much, wanna know really when to buy or sell? study price action from steve nisson and do maths analysis for optimum entry/exit points

  7. Btc supply drying up but price staying same? Just another pump and dumper snake oil salesmam

  8. Miners know that if they sell masses of BTC on exchanges, the price will drop drastically, thus the OTC sales.

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  10. Just came across your channel and have subscribed to it and hit the bell! Damn, you have great content. Keep up the video man

  11. I have to say, I am very bullish on BTC in the short term….in fact I am searching for a Bitcoin ETF available in Canada right now (I have heard that there is one but cannot find it). I am also heavily invested in XRP (that’s my disclaimer).

    My concern with BTC is long term….I just don’t understand how parabolic use of electricity in today’s world can possibly be sustainable over time. I am sure this is asked/answered constantly….but do you mind providing your thoughts around this?

  12. I am not sure this is really proof. This could easily be one of the whales moving things around….no?

  13. What is the Secure Wallet?????

    Looks like a credit card that's secure through the block chain

  14. The problem with these channels is that they get their info from these web based sites, and they've been saying this shit all year, and crypto hasn't changed price in a major positive way all year.
    — At the beginning of the year they said by Summer crypto would be a bull market, didn't happen. Then they said by November it would be a bull run. Hasn't happened. Next they'll say beginning of next year.
    – Unfortunately, it's like crying wolf. People are going to start dismissing any news and theyre gonna miss when it does hit.
    — To be clear I believe crypto is the next Big thing in money, but until they make it easier to access and understand, it's gonna be largely dismissed.

  15. Did you track from where the coins moved? It could have been few people just crating new wallets because of security reasons.

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  17. For any buyer there is a seller. Who sold those btc?!

  18. Those wallets are not for investing in Bitcoin. They are simply there to create a market. They are the market makers. They will buy and sell the content to create a market.

  19. Ignite OTC actively brokers OTC deals… pls telegram @Amadht

  20. So why hasn't the price gone up if there is mass buying?

  21. So, it took you over 13minutes to say what could be read in 2 minutes. That's not very effective for your viewers. Think about it, if you want your channel to grow.

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