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Bitcoin Analyse [11.11.2018] Ethereum Chart Analyse Ripple IOTA EOS Prognose 2018

Servus meine lieben Crypto Freunde, hoff’ euch geht’s gut! In dieser Ausgabe sehen wir uns Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, IOTA, EOS, und Ethereum im Wochenchart an, und besprechen welche Szenarien die meisten Gewinne mit sich bringen würden. Das angesprochene Interview

Resumo Semanal 🚨 #Bitcoin | #BitcoinCash Hard Fork | #Stellar | #EOS | #Ripple!

Resumo de algumas moedas que estão no topo do Coinmarketcap, destaque para o Bitcoin Cash que vai ter um hardfork dia 15 de novembro e teve uma valorização boa na semana, Stellar próxima de ser adicionada na Coinbase.pro. – https://www.universidadedobitcoin.com.br/views/lp/ecossistema/index.html

REALIST NEWS – How about that EOS? (and Zcash I told you about 1 week ago)

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Заруба с SBP EOS Blockchained! EOS vs Ethereum

Сегодня в 16:00 мск будет заруба на канале Крипто Маньяки против SBP EOS Blockchained. — ​​🔥Убийца Эфира или СКАМ? (EOS батл) Завтра в 16:00 (мск) на нашем YouTube канале будет мега интересный батл-стрим про EOS, на котором очень авторитетные ребята

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple EOS Cardano and Stella are Heating Up

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#newkidsontheblockchain #btcnews #blockchainnews 💯The New Kids On The Blockchain are back with a new bite-sized format for all of your daily cryptocurrency and blockchain news on all things BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, RIPPLE and more and all in UNDER ONE

Anyone Can Invest in our Renewable Energy Future! Power Ledger Asset Germination

Anya from Power Ledger and I discuss all the latest happening at Power Ledger and how anyone can invest in our renewable energy future. Website https://www.powerledger.io/ Medium articles https://medium.com/power-ledger/power-ledger-announces-asset-germination-events-93383763a7ca https://medium.com/power-ledger/asset-germination-events-whats-in-it-for-powr-token-holders-d656d966ef7a Disclosure: This is an unpaid interview for a project that